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New Importer Tool Template: Create an Import File
Posted by Marney Shepherd on 29 August 2017 02:22 PM
Step Instructions Notes
Step 1 Check that no rows are highlighted yellow

All yellow cells need to be fixed before creating an import file.

For more information on how to fix these cells, please visit this page.

Step 2 Check you have updated gymsport and level for all athletes who have changed levels or are new athletes For more information on updating gymsport and level, please visit this page.
Step 3 Select Create Import File button If you get an error message 'Please locate and address highlighted cells before exporting club data. Blank rows must be removed', please refer to step 1
Step 4 A pop up window will appear Ensure you have select the location you wish to save the import file. 
Step 5 Enter File Name Define the file name you would like for the import file
Step 6 Select the Save button The import file has been created with the file name and location defined in steps 4-6.


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