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How to fix Club data issues
Posted by Marney Shepherd on 05 September 2017 05:03 PM

To fix Club data issues such as missing or invalid fields, please go to Club Admin Home and:

  • Click on the Bad Data tab - these are reports which shows missing or invalid information in the National database which needs to be fixed by your club
    1. Scroll down to select one of the available reports
    2. Click on the triangle next to the report name to expand the report.
    3. To update a record in order to fix the bad data, please click on the hyperlink on the name.
    4. Once the record's bad data has been corrected, once the page is refreshed the record will disappear

What is “Bad Data”?

Bad Data reports highlights missing or invalid information in our database which needs to be fixed by your Club.

Available Bad Data Reports

Please select the EXCEL icon to the right of the report name to download an excel file report. If desired, other file format are also available to be selected.

  • Undefined gender – all registered athletes
  • Missing/bad date of birth – all registered athletes
  • Empty Gymsport field – all registered athletes
  • Missing or Expired WWCC – technical members and club personnel

Important Notes:

  • All files export as the same file name, so you must either close or save the file as a different file name, before exporting another file as excel will not open two files of the same name at the same time.
  • These reports contain a considerable number of data fields, so once the excel file report is downloaded fields can be sorted and reordered if required.


Need more help?  Please lodge a support request.

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