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As part of the IT Strategy we are in the process of upgrading iMIS from version to version This upgrade will enable improvements with: 

  • Reporting capability and output such as:
    • IQA reports with filters to export filtered results.
    • Reporting in SSRS format
  • iMIS stability and performance

Accordingly, the planned iMIS outage is scheduled to be from 2pm Friday 16 June 2017 to 10am Monday 19 June 2017 (Melbourne time). 

This outage will be a complete outage and will affect the following:

  • National, State and Free G websites.
  • Gymnastics Online (GOL)
  • Staff Site
  • Remote Connection & iMIS Desktop
  • Advanced Account Console
  • Test Gymnastics Online
  • Test Staff Site
  • Test Remote Connection & iMIS Desktop


Please contact for any queries.

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