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Important: iMIS Outage Tuesday 13 December commences 9.30am Melbourne time
Posted by Saquib Khan on 09 December 2016 02:04 PM

We have a planned end of year iMIS outage on the 13 December 2016. This outage is for Gymnastics Australia to back up the database for 2016.

The good news is that we will not have as long an outage as what has been previously communicated!

The iMIS outage will commence at 9.30am (Melbourne time) on Tuesday 13 December 2016 and we have estimated that the outage may take up to 2 hours. 

Gymnastics Australia will send communications to this distribution group immediately prior outage and when the outage is finished. 

This iMIS outage will affect:

  • Gymnastics Online (GOL)
  • Staff Site
  • Remote Desktop
  • Advanced Account Console
  • Test Gymnastics Online
  • Test Staff Site
  • Test Remote Desktop

Please note that our websites will still be available over the outage.

Once the system gets restored after the outage finishes, we will let all users back into iMIS apart from Club Administrators. 

Club Administrators will be allowed back into iMIS from 9am Monday 4 January 2017.

Please contact Marney Shepherd if you have any queries.

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