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Club Admin Portal & Club Import will not be closed over the weekend & Athlete Code cleanse update

Dear Clubs,

Good news! We have now completed the Athlete Code clean-up and most athlete now have codes as per the 2017 Athlete Coding guide.

As a result the Club Admin Portal and Club Importer will now be open as per usual and will not close over the weekend.

Some Clubs will be contacted via their State Association to fix Athlete Codes (Gymsports and Levels) before close of business on Thursday 14 December 2017 which either have :

1. An invalid Gymsport and/or Level which needs to be fixed

2. A missing Gymsport and/or Level which needs to be fixed

It would also be worth all Clubs checking their Current Athletes’ codes to ensure that nothing significant has changed for Athletes in your Club via Club Admin Home> Reports> Current Year Athletes including Gymsports report. More information on reports.

If your Club needs to update any Gymsports or Levels for your Athletes, please have a look at this information page.

If you have any queries, please contact us at Support.


Gymnastics Australia

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