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Updated Process: Child Safe Webinar for Club Administrators

Now the series of Child Safety Webinars offered to Club Administrators have finished, we have launched a new ongoing service to ensure that all Clubs can ensure their Child Safety Representative (CSR) is compliant with their affiliation requirements.

This process is for users who are not Technical Members or in training to be a Technical Member, and are not set up on the LMS, but who are nominated as your Club’s Child Safety Representative.

To begin the process, Club Administrators can navigate to their Club Admin Portal and click the “Registration Form” link under the Register for Child Safety Webinar for Club Administrators:

This will take the user to a state specific sign up form based on their chapter of their Club’s profile in the CRM.

Upon completion of the form, automatic emails from Jotform are sent to:

  1. The Club person nominated on the form with the following information:
    • Confirmation of their registration from the sign-up form.
    • A link with instructions to view the Child Safety Webinar video and to complete the declaration.
  2. Your Club’s State Association with the following information:
    • Confirmation of the member’s registration from the sign-up form.

The Club person who is nominated on the form, must follow the link provided to:

  • Watch the Child Safety Webinar
  • Complete the declaration

Once the Club User has watched the Child Safety Webinar video and submitted the declaration, this will trigger an email to be sent to your State Association who will follow up some administration to ensure your Child Safety Webinar certificate is emailed to the  nominated email address.

Please also be aware you can update your Club’s Child Safety Representatives at any time via the Club Admin Portal>Club Personnel tab.  More information.

For more information, please refer to the Child Safety Webinar information page.

If you require any assistance with this updated process, please contact us.

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