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Working with Children Check (or equivalent) verification

As most gymnastics participants are under 18 years old across Australia, keeping our children safe is one of the top priorities for all Gymnastics Associations in Australia. A key part of Child Safety is ensuring that our gymnastics workforce and volunteers are regularly checked for authorisation to work with children.

In early 2019, Gymnastics Australia in partnership with Gymnastics Queensland commenced a pilot to introduce WWCC or equivalent verifications of the gymnastics workforce and volunteers in QLD. This pilot verifies Technical Members and Club Personnel’s Blue Card and Blue Card Exempt details in the National Gymnastics Database on a regular basis with the QLD Government and also keeps an independent audit trail of these checks with DutyOf.Care. Also notifications are in place if a card is ever revoked.

The current Working with Children Check (WWCC) verification system is in a pilot phase in Queensland only. 

To access the verification system, please go the Club Admin Portal> Child Safety tab and look under the WWCC or equivalent verification header.

How do you get a check to be updated?

  1. Go to the Child Safety Dashboard in either Club Admin Portal or Staff Site.
  2. Select a query in Reports eg. I. Not Verified Checks
  3. Click on the person’s name in the full name column
  4. A new page will open called WWCC or Equivalent Information
  5. Update the details
  6. Press the Save button – this will trigger this record to be checked.
  7. The updated check will sit in the Pending Checks for approximately 5-15 minutes before returning a result.

Why is something in Pending Check Status?

Pending Check status is usually due to one of the following scenarios:

  1. A check has recently been triggered
  2. The QLD government website is down.
  3. The member has duplicate records in the CRM eg. A club administrator who works at multiple clubs.

Records in Scenario 1 & 2 will be pushed through pending.

However Scenario 3 will be stuck in pending status until further work in completed in Phase 2 to handle duplicates.  There is no work around at this stage.

Why is something in Failed Check Status?

Failed Verification Check status is usually due to one or more of the following scenarios:

  1. Name doesn’t match what is on card eg. Missing middle name or nickname used.
  2. Card Number doesn’t match what is on card.
  3. Expiry date doesn’t match what is on card.
  4. Card has been expired.
  5. Card has been revoked.

If the card is failing on our CRM verification but validates on QLD Blue Card site, please raise a ticket to so we can investigate further.

If a Check Fails

If a check fails, one of the three following error codes will be shown:

Alert Message
Invalid Details
This member has failed their WWCC or equivalent card verification due to invalid details.  To resolve this issue, please check that the member’s name, card number and expiry date matches what is on their card.
This member has failed their WWCC or equivalent card verification due the card being expired.  To resolve this issue, please contact the Member to ask them to present their updated card and update their card details.
This member has failed their WWCC or equivalent card verification due to the card being revoked.  Please contact the relevant card provider for more information.

How does someone update their name in the CRM?

Adding a new person

To add a new person to your Child Safety tab, please follow the steps in this article.

Why is the Dashboard not updating?

Due to the CRM’s performance, dashboard calculations are cached so they will not update in real time but at regular times during the day.

If someone would like to see an updated dashboard, please ask them to clear their internet browser’s cookies and cache which may speed up the update:

If not resolved after an hour after updating their internet browser’s cookies and cache, please ask them to raise a ticket to if they do not see an update.

Where can I find out more about the Child Safety tab?

Please have a look our Child Safety tab information page which is for all states nationally as the verification process is only currently working in QLD. 

Any questions or need assistance? Contact support.

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