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GOL Club Enhancements January 2017

What GOL Club Admin Enhancements have been released in January 2017?
GOL Club Admin Portal Enhancements implemented in January 2017 included the new features:

  • A new Club Statistics page
  • A Missing Data page
  • Streamlined Athlete Creation process
  • Streamlined Athlete Transfer process
  • A Bulk Renew Process

What is the process for these new GOL Club Admin Portal Enhancements?
Please refer to the attached PowerPoint presentation.

How do I view and update Gymsport and Levels in the Club Admin Portal?
Please refer the attached file 'Gymsport & Levels' for a process.

How do I sort Bulk Renew records?
To sort records in the bulk record, please click on the header that you wish to sort by. Please refer to the attached file 'Bulk Renew sorting example' for a screen shot.

How to get in touch with us about suggestions for future improvements
Please let us know about how we can improve the GOL Club Admin Portal via completing this short survey.

Workarounds for Bug

Section Bug Occurs Description of Bug Workaround for Bug
Club List> Athlete Renewal If renew athlete field has already been checked upon accessing the screen, the save button will not update the paid through date. Please remove the check in the renew athlete box and then select save.  Then check the renew athlete box and then select save.  You will then see the athlete has been renewed when you search for them via the Club List.
Bulk Renew I am getting an error message when I click on the second page.

This is due to data issues relating to one or more of your athletes such as a date of birth in the future.  GA has releasing exception reporting to State Associations to help manage this.  

Clubs can fix the Date of Birth via:

  1. Searching for the Athlete via Club Admin Home> Club List
  2. In the Athlete Record, click on the Athlete Details tab
  3. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the Athlete details head
  4. Update the Date of Birth field
  5. Select Save.
Bulk Renew Gymsports and Levels are not available on the Bulk Renew Form.
  • This functionality was not possible in this release of GOL Club Admin Portal Enhancements.
  • If you need to check Gymsports and Levels then please use the Reports available on Club Admin Home> Reports as this information is available here.
  • If you need to update Gymsports and Levels in bulk please use the importer tool for updating Gymsports and levels.  
  • Otherwise please update an individual athlete's Gymsport and Level via Club Admin Home> Club List> Athlete Details.
Add/Transfer an Athlete The search on the Athlete Search page does not show athletes in my Club. Please use Club Admin Portal>Club List to search for Athletes in your club.
Bulk Renew Athlete is missing on the bulk renew list for your club. Please ensure that the athlete has an address and mailing address uploaded into their profile.  If this information is missing, they will be missing from the bulk renew list.  Please refer to the guide attached 'How to fix missing athletes in bulk renew guide'
Bulk Renew

Error message:

There was an error saving the data in one or more fields. Please contact the site administrator or try again. Service Error: CheckUniquePurpose: Business rule violation. Address purpose 'Location' may only be defined once for the contact

Please ask your State Association or Gymnastics Australia to view the athlete's record in iMIS desktop and to delete one of the location tabs in their record by deleting all information in the tab and then selecting save.
Bulk Renew

If a user uses a filter in the bulk renew tool and then ticks a few records, and then selects another filter and updates/ticks a few more records – when the user selects Save only the records ticked in the last filter are renewed/updated.

Please select the 'Save' button to update records before using another filter.  Otherwise updates will not be recorded in the athlete's record.
New Athlete Form (individual registration)  When you update an athlete's gymsport and level, it doesn't display in the athlete's form.  There is an overnight procedure which will write this to the athlete's form and it doesn't appear instantaneously.  Please look at this record the next day to confirm that the record has been updated.


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