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Gymmix Lesson Planner

What is the Gymmix Lesson Planner?
Designed to assist club coaches and teachers to deliver quality recreational gymnastics programs, the GymMix Lesson Planner allows you to build lessons including Warm Up, Skill Development, Circuits and Cool Down activities in four easy steps.

The Gymmix Lesson Planner is an easy to use online resource enabling users to progressively build safe and challenging gymnastics lessons:

  • Drawing from over 1000 pre-selected games, activities and skills based around the Dominant Movement Patterns.
  • Offering the ability to print, clone and save your lesson plans for record keeping and future use.
  • Providing A4 activity cards that can be printed separately and placed at various stations around the gym floor. Activity Cards are very useful in assisting in communicating with young participants, larger groups and participants with special needs.

Who can access the Gymmix Lesson Planner?

  • As a FREE benefit for all current technical members
  • To all Teachers who have completed an Ignite course (12 months subscription)
  • To all Sporting School contacts (12 months subscription)
  • For all Gymnastics Australia and State Association staff (free ongoing)
  • Technical Associate Members from Oceania Gymnastics Union countries (except Australia and New Zealand).

How can I access the Gymmix Lesson Planner?
Please see our attached user guide for more information.

How can I use the Gymmix Lesson Planner?
Please see our attached user guide for more information.

How can I become one of the user groups who can access Gymmix Lesson Planner?
Please contact for assistance.

I have an issue with Gymmix Lesson Planner, what should I do?
Please raise a support ticket so we can help you.


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