The Australian Levels Program (ALP) is a comprehensive guide to the competition pathway for each gymsport via a levels structure for Australian gymnasts, coaches, judges and clubs.
This resource is complimentary to any current Gymnastics Australia Technical Member who holds a gymsport specific accreditation (i.e. all judges at all levels and coaches at the intermediate level and above).
The ALP for each gymsport you are accredited in can be accessed via the benefits tab in your technical member portal. Coaches are unble to access ALP's in gymsports they do not hold an accreditation for e.g. a coach who holds an Intermediate MAG accreditation, but does not hold a WAG accreditation can access the MAG ALP but cannot access the WAG ALP.
To purchase a printed copy of an Australian Levels Program Manual, please visit the Gymnastics Australia GymShop.
The MAG and WAG ALP's are also available as an app for both Apple and Android devices. Please click here for further information.
Need more help? Please lodge a support request.
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