Please use this instructions to access Club Admin Home (also known as the Club Admin Portal) if you are a Club Administrator.  Please note that only members who are set up as Club Administrators can access the Club Admin Portal.

Step 1: Log into Gymnastics Online

More information about logging into Gymnastics Online

  1. Click on the sign in link at the top of any Gymnastics Australia or State Gymnastics Association website.
  2. You will be taken to a sign in page.    
  3. Once you have signed in, the top right hand corner of the webpage will display a Hi <Your Name> link*. Please click on this link to access Gymnastics Online. 
  4.  You will be taken to your My Account page 

Step 2: Click the “Club Admin Portal” button

The Club Admin Portal button is located to the left of the screen.


The Club Admin Portal will then open. More information on using the Club Admin Portal.


Need more help?  Please lodge a support request.

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