If a participant at your club is training and/or competing at another club, a multi-club registration will need to be lodged. This can be done via the Club Administration portal under the 'Admin' tab:

  • To request a new multi-club athlete - please complete this form. Please ensure that the club submitting the multi-club request is listed as the Secondary Club, and the athlete's current club is listed as the primary club.
  • To renew an existing multi-club athlete who is already registered to your Club - please complete this form.
  • Clubs must register multi-club athletes within 30 days of receiving a notification that the athlete is training at another Club.
  • Please note that multi-club registration forms cannot be processed unless the athlete has been registered with their primary club for the current calendar year. Or, the athlete has a pending transfer between their current club and another club.
  • Clubs can check club ID numbers required on the registration form via the Club Finder.
  • Multi-club athletes are set up as ATH2 records.
  • Clubs can check if multi-club registrations have been processed via Club Admin Home> Reports> D. Current Multi-Club Athletes.
  • The athlete's gymsport and level(s) at both clubs are used to determine which club the athlete can compete for:
    - If an athlete is registered under the same gymsport at both clubs e.g. WAG at the Current and Secondary Club, the athlete can only compete in WAG for the primary club and can only train for WAG at the secondary club
    - If an athlete is registered under different gymsports at both clubs e.g. WAG at the Current Club and ACR at the Secondary Club, the athlete can compete in WAG for the primary club and ACR for the secondary club
  • For more information about multi-club athletes, please look at the National Club Administration Policy.


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