To request an athlete transfer, please:

  1. Go to the Club Admin Portal 
  2. Go to Administration> Add or Transfer an Athlete Form.
  3. Search for the athlete in Step 1. If the athlete's name appears, this means the athlete already have a record in your club. Please click the 'In your club' link next to the athlete's record to update the athlete's record to the current year.
  4. If you find a match in Step 2, the athlete search will show one of the following results:
    1. Pending Transfer status which shows if there is already a pending transfer request in the system for this athlete.  You will not be able to continue with request a transfer for this athlete at this time while there is a pending request.  Please check the Transfer Requests tab to see if this athlete has already been requested by your club.
    2. Transfer Request status which means the athlete is available to be transferred.

  5. Please click on the Transfer Request link next to the athlete's name to commence the transfer process.
  6. You will be taken to a new page.  Please select the Yes button to proceed with submitting a transfer request.
  7. After selecting the 'Yes' button, you will be taken to the Club Transfers List page. Please check that the Athlete is displayed in in the 'Pending - Transfers into our Club' list.
  8. While the athlete's application is pending transfer approval, there will not be a link to 'Transfer Request' available when searching for the athlete.
  9. Your Club will receive an automated email* confirming the transfer request has been initiated.
  10. The Club that the athlete is being requested from will received an automated email* asking them to review and action the athlete transfer request.
  11. Once the transfer request has been approved or denied, your club will receive an email* to advise of this progress.
  12. There is a 30 day auto-transfer rule (or 60 days if requested in December) if the other Club takes no action.
  13. The Club Transfers List page will display an update in the 'Process Transfers History' list.
  14. If the athlete transfer was denied due to outstanding fees (which must be over $50 in value and incurred in the past 5 years), the Athlete (or Parent or Guardian if under 18 years old) must be advised that they are not able to train or compete at any Club and are not insured until the outstanding fees are rectified with their previous Club. Once resolution of these outstanding fees has been confirmed as resolved by either the other Club or your local State or Territory Gymnastics Associationthen please request a new transfer for this Athlete.
    If a dispute arises between both clubs regarding payment of fees, please contact your local State or Territory Gymnastics Association for support.

  15. If the athlete transfer was denied due to the athlete still training at the other club, you will need to submit an multi-club athlete request within 30 days of receiving the denial.
  16. If it is unclear what the denial reason is or if it is outside the National Club Administration Policy, please contact your local State or Territory Gymnastics Association for support.
  17. If the athlete transfer was approved, this athlete may not participate in any sanctioned gymnastic competitions or events for your Club for a period of 30 days from the date a transfer request is submitted. An athlete who wishes for the competition qualification period to be waived, must apply to their local State or Territory Gymnastics Association in writing. The State or Territory Association has sole discretion to waive the competition qualification period for competitions within their jurisdiction.

 Gymnastics Australia recommends that you monitor the progress of athlete transfers involving your club via the Club Transfer List. The Club Transfer List tab is accessible from the ribbon of the Club Admin Home page.

Important Note: Transfer emails are sent to the primary club email address, not your individual account email address.



For more information, please refer to the Club Administration Policy.

Need more help?  Please lodge a support request.

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