Duplicate athlete records create issues for clubs with:

  • Transfers
  • Paying for too many registrations
  • Importing athletes
  • Renewing athletes

Clubs can easily identify duplicates records linked to their Clubs via Club Admin Home> Bad Data tab> Duplicate Athlete report.  

Duplicate records usually occur if Clubs :

  1. have not checked if the athlete is already in their club or requested a transfer before creating a new individual athlete record.
  2. Have created an athlete's record with an incorrect name spelling, birth date etc.

You can tell if there are duplicate records as the athlete has more than one different ID numbers.  Please note that some reports list an athlete more than once if they have multiple Athlete codes (gymsport and level).

If you have found duplicate athlete records in your Club's athlete records, please lodge a support request providing all the following details:

  1. Athlete Name
  2. All ID numbers which relate to this athlete
  3. The correct Athlete details eg. Name, birthdate, address etc.


Need more help?  Please lodge a support request.

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