How to view Club reports

To view club reports, please go to Club Admin Home and use one of the following methods:
  • Click on the Reports tab 
    • This is where you can download reports on data associated with your Club including:
      • Currently registered athletes
      • Currently listed multi-club athletes
      • Club personnel list
      • Athlete and multi club athlete registrations from the previous year
      • Newly registered athletes for the current year
  • Click on the Statistics tab
    • This shows a dashboard providing a breakdown of registration details for your Club including:
      • Current year VS previous year registrations
      • Gymsport breakdown
      • Age grouping
      • Gender breakdown
  • Click on the Bad Data tab 
  • Click on the Child Safety tab 
    • This tab shows missing or invalid information relating to child safety compliance for your Club. Information available in this tab includes:
      • Duplicate athlete registrations
      • Incorrect/invalid DOB
      • Missing or invalid email address

Need more help?  Please lodge a support request.