The Club Administration Portal provides the following features which can be accessed using the tabs above:

  • Getting Started - latest news, updates and any other system related information.
  • Club Info -  relevant details about your club, including affiliation status and paid through date.
  • Admin - athlete administration activities such as bulk uploads, bulk renew, adding a new athlete and requesting an athlete transfer.  
  • Club Personnel - a panel where you can view, add or delete Club Personnel relationships with your Club at any time.
  • Tech Members - a panel where you can view, add or delete Technical Member relationships with your Club at any time.   Please note Technical Members must hold a current membership to be displayed in this tab.
  • Transfer Lists - lists all athlete movements in and out of your club
  • Statistics - a graphical representation of your club's athlete registrations, gender, age and gymsport breakdown, including missing data
  • Reports - number of detailed reports on athlete numbers, gymsport breakdown and technical member listing
  • Transactions - lists all financial transactions that have been made through Gymnastics Australia
  • Resource Portal - links to Gymnastics Australia's resources for affiliated clubs including lesson plans, promotional materials and risk management documents
  • Club Import - A dashboard where you can start a new club import to upload your Club's athletes in bulk, validate an import before records are written to the database and check the status of a club import.
  • WWCC Check (formerly Child Safety) - A dashboard with reports which helps Clubs to manage Working with Children Check (WWCC) or equivalent accreditations for their members and to ensure compliance for Child Safety Representatives.


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