The add or transfer an athlete function is where Clubs can individually register new athletes or as the entry point for requesting transfers for existing athletes in another club.

As per the Club Administration Policy it is important ensure that at least all the minimum mandatory information has been provided an athlete so they are eligible to access any membership benefits provided such as personal accident insurance.  If an athlete's details need to be updated, please click on the link on their ID to bring up their athlete record which can be edited.  See here for more information.


To Add or Transfer an athlete:

1. login to the Gymnastics Online members portal, click the Club Admin Portal box on the left of the screen. When your club's page loads, click the Admin tab > Add/Transfer an Athlete

2. Search for the athlete in your club. If a matching athlete appears, this means the athlete already has a profile in your club. Please click the 'In your club' link next to the athlete's record to update and renew the athlete for the current year

3. Search for the athlete outside of your club. We recommend entering the athlete's name and date of birth (if known) to reduce the search results. If a record appears which matches the athlete's registration, please click 'transfer request' to request the athlete's record be transferred from their current club to your club.
If the correct athlete is showing 'Transfer pending', this means a transfer request has already been submitted and is awaiting approval from the current club. Please do not proceed to Step 3.

4. If the athlete you are registering does not have a record in your club or at another club, please complete the 'Add new Athlete' section to create a profile.

5. When the profile has been created, you will be taken to Step 4. Scroll down to ensure the athlete's gender and gymsport and level are added to their profile. If an athlete is doing more than one gymsport, please refer to the How to update athlete details article.

6. If you receive the below message after completing Step 4, this means the system has detected that you are creating a duplicate record.

7. If this does not appear, the system will take you to the athlete's newly created record which will enable you to add additional gymsport(s) and levels and update anyinformation as required.

Please look at the attached presentation for more information the Add or Transfer an Athlete form.

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