1. Fill out the New User Sign Up form

2. In the Name section of the form, please ensure you register with your legal name (including middle name(s)), as this form will be used to verify your Working with Children Check (or equivalent).

3. In the Additional Information section of the form, you will need to provide your email, date of birth, gender, home and mobile phone numbers, country and home address. If you are a
volunteer or an employee of an affiliated club, please enter the club ID details – otherwise leave blank. To find your club ID number, please 
click here.

4. In the Sign In Details section of the form, please enter a password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 1 number and 1 upper case letter.

5. Click Register. You will then receive an email the following day containing your username and your password.

6. Please note, if you receive the following error message, you already have a Gymnastics Australia LMS account. Please contact us to gain access to your Gymnastics Australia account

7. After you have clicked Register you will be taken to the Thank you for registering as a new LMS User page. Please make sure to click the here link to access the FLEX.

8. You will then be taken to FLEX, Gymnastics Australia's eLearning hub, where can commence your Coach and or Judging Accreditation journey. Please ensure you agree to the Terms and Conditions on this page.

Need more help? Please contact us.

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