How to get a member's WWCC or equivalent checked?

If your club has a lot of records to update, please email the WWCC bulk update template located at the bottom of this page to so we can help you.
The following Working with Children Check (WWCC) or equivalent cards are being checked by an integration with Oho:
  • ACT Working with Vulnerable People^
  • NSW Working with Children Check
  • NT Ochre
  • QLD Blue Card
  • QLD Blue Card Exempt
  • QLD Teachers
  • SA Teachers Registration Board
  • SA Working with Children
  • VIC Working with Children Check
  • Victoria Institute of Teachers (VIT) Check
  • TAS Working with Children check
  • WA Working with Children check
^ It is important to note that whilst an independent audit trail of these checks is kept with Oho, there is no integration available with the ACT Government for ACT Working with Vulnerable cards. All ACT Working with Vulnerable People cards will need to be sighted along with appropriate identification ID such as a drivers licence before being allowed to work with children.
To update member's cards in the National Gymnastics Database please:
  1. Go to Club Admin Portal> WWCC check tab (formerly Child Safety tab)
  2. Scroll down to the Reports section and click on an appropriate report such as "Full list of Members who require Checks" or "Not Verified Checks".
  3. Click on the hyperlink on the member’s name
  4. This will open a new page. The member’s WWCC or equivalent details can be edited via this page.  
  5. If you need to update the name, email or phone number for the person being checked to ensure the check gets successfully validated, please contact your State or Territory Association for assistance.
  6. Please ensure the card number is recorded in one of the acceptable card number formats relevant to the type of WWCC or equivalent.
  7. Please click on the ‘Save’ button to save updated details.
  8. If your Club is in a state where the validation system has been implemented, you will see a status of Pending
  9. Please wait approximately 5-10 minutes for the system to return the result. You will need to hit the F5 button to see a refreshed result on the screen.*
*Important: If you see any alerts or error messages on the page, please refer to these instructions.

Need further assistance? Please contact support.

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