How to fix WWCC Check issues

If you see any of these error message on the WWCC Panel for a member, the member will not be actively checked by the Oho system.  If you need them to be checked you will need to take action to resolve the member’s profile

IssueHow to fix
Member needs their name updated to match card
  • Send email to your State Association which includes the member’s ID and what needs to change.
  • If the member can log into GOL, they can follow these instructions to update their personal details.
  • It is essential for QLD Blue Cards and SA WWCC to have the full name including middle names registered on their profile to be successfully checked.
It is essential for members who hold NSW WWCC or SA WWCC to have a birthdate registered on their profile in order to be successfully validated.
Member is missing email address
Member is missing phone number
Member is missing birthdate
Member is not in my Club’s listTechnical members who have expired membership do not appear in lists.  You check expired tech members in your club via Club Admin Portal> Reports> G. Technical Members Expired and Due to Expire query.
Member is missing from my Club’s list
Member has wrong card type selected
  • Please go to Club Admin Portal> WWCC Check tab> run query F. Full list of Members who require Checks
  • Click on hyperlink on member’s name to bring up WWCC information panel to update card details. 
  • Ensure the card number format is one of the acceptable card number formats relevant to the WWCC or equivalent.
Please press OK button to recheck card.
Member has wrong card number
Member has wrong expiry date
Member is stuck in pending status for longer than 5-10 minutes
  • Press F5 button to refresh onscreen results.
  • Send an email to which includes the member’s ID and screenshot of issue.
If members have multiple profiles, they will need to be linked - please email
Card has an error statusSend an email to which includes the member’s ID and screenshot of issue.

If your club has a lot of records to update, please email the attached template to so we can help you.

Need further assistance? Please contact support.

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