WWCC Check Tab in the Club Admin Portal

As most gymnastics participants are under 18 years old across Australia, keeping our children safe is one of the top priorities for all Gymnastics Associations in Australia. 

A key part of Child Safety is ensuring that our gymnastics workforce and volunteers are regularly checked for authorisation to work with children. It is State/Territory legislation to hold a current Working with Children Check (WWCC) or equivalent when working in or volunteering with direct contact with children.  This is outlined further in the Child Safety Policy.

The WWCC Check tab is to help Clubs manage compliance with WWCC or equivalent for members who have relationships with the Club in a Technical Member or Club Personnel capacity.  In addition to this, the WWCC tab also helps clubs to keep track of their Child Safety Representative's compliance with Child Safety training activities.

Please note that the WWCC Check tab was formerly called the Child Safety tab.

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