Athlete Birthdates & the Club Importer

Gymnastics Australia has put together the table below to help Clubs understand why records are put in different tabs in the Wizard you see when your import reaches the Validated stage:

As you can see above, the Athlete’s First Name, Last Name and Birthdate are quite important in our system for matching and updating records.

Please note that the birthdate must be in Australian Format eg. DD/MM/YYYY.   Click here if your file has american format dates (MM/DD/YYYY)

Athletes who are listed in Step 6 New cannot be matched in the National Gymnastics Database based on their First Name, Last Name and Birthdate.

If you see Athletes in Step 6 New who are not new to your Club and should not be in this list as either their name or birthdate is incorrect, we recommend the following process:

  1. Use the Export button to export this list to an excel sheet
  2. Use the Cancel and Start Over button in the Club Importer
  3. Update this excel sheet to show only the athletes which shouldn’t be new – listing their First Name, Last Name and CORRECT birthdate.
  4. Email this to so we can help update this list in bulk.
  5. Once the Support team have confirmed these records have been fixed, then upload your file into the Club Importer.

If you do not follow the recommended process above and continue to submit in Step 7, you will have 2 records for the same athlete in your Club but as they will either have a different name or birthdate, they will not be picked up in your duplicate list. To clean up records, please follow this process.

The main issues if an athlete has two or more records are that the athlete may lose all their registration history, which will increase the Gymnastics churn rate as IDs are used to calculate the amount new and returning athletes each year. It will also result in your club being charged twice for the same participant when club billing is run, because the system doesn't recognise both records are the same person as both profiles have different information e.g. a different DOB.

If you need any assistance, please get in touch.