Importing athletes in bulk with the Club Importer tool

Club Importer Instructions

Step 1Log into Club Admin HomeNeed help?  Refer to this quick reference guide.
Step 2Go to the Club Import Tab 
Step 3Click on the Start New Club Import button 
Step 4Select CSV file to be importedPlease ensure that the CSV file matches these report requirements.

IMPORTANT do not open this file as the zeros from phone numbers will be dropped.

Please ensure your file is ONLY a CSV (Comma delimited) (*csv) format file. You will have issues with other types of CSV formatted files being imported.
Step 5Ensure file is acceptable & then click on Save buttonIf the file is acceptable you will see a green circle to the left of the file name.  If not, please remove file and ensure you have selected a CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) file.
Please then click on the Save button to initiate the file upload process.

Step 6Wait for the club import file to be ready to reviewAll club administrators will receive an email when the import file is ready for review.
Step 7Click on Validated buttonYour file upload is now ready to be actioned by your Club via Validated button. The records will not be written to the database at this stage.
This validation process can be done by any Club Administrator in your Club and can be done over a few login sessions.

Please take note of your Club’s Import ID as this is your job number which can be tracked.
Step 8Review Quarantined Records

Athletes appearing in this section have had their record entered twice in the import file and the second record won't be imported.


Please ensure if an athlete has more than one gymsport that it is entered in the Gymsport2 and Level2 columns instead of entering the athlete's record in another row of the file.

Step 9Review Duplicate Athlete RecordsRecords appearing in this section won't be imported as there is an error with the information for the listed record(s) in the import file. These records will need to be  updated and imported separately.
Step 10Review Transfer RecordsPlease ensure all transfers are submitted after processing the import file. For more information, please refer to our article on How to Request an Athlete Transfer.
Step 11Review Validated Records 
Step 12Resolve Action Required RecordsIf there are a large number of records with 'Action Required', this is likely due to a formatting error e.g. zero being dropped from phone numbers or birthdates entered in US format instead of AUS format. Please contact with the import file so we can fix the file and re-upload it for you.
Step 13Review & Fix New Records 
Step 14Submit Import File to be written to the database 


For a detailed overview of each step and common issues that arise, please download and view the attached presentation.


How does the Club Importer Wizard flag entries in each stage?

The import wizard uses the following matrix as a guide to flag entries during each stage of the process. For example, an account that requires a transfer is flagged because the importer has matched a line on the import file with an existing account that has the same First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and additionally exists already in another club.


Club Importer Error Messages & How to Resolve

Important: Please lodge a support ticket with your import file and a screenshot of the error message as an attachments if you cannot use the Club Importer.

You will not get most of these error messages or have data quality issues if you use the Validation Template to generate your club's import file.


Need more help?  Please raise a support ticket.


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