How to export Existing Records in the correct Club Importer Format

  • Go to the Club Admin Portal> Reports tab> R. Club Importer Export
  • Select the Paid Thru dates you wish to display athletes and then click on the Find button to run the report.
  • When the report appears, please click on the Export button and then select Excel.

    Important: Please do not select CSV as it drops the zeros in the phone numbers and saves in the wrong CSV format.

  • Open the excel file you have just created. 

  • Enable editing if you have a protected view.

  • Select Save As option in your Excel.

  • Ensure you save as a CSV (Comma delimited).

  • Important: Please do not save as any other CSV file types as the club importer will not work.

  • Important: If you are using this file in the Validation Template, ensure you first convert it to an Excel file (.xls) format.

  • Please note that the file has all the fields with the correct headers for the club importer.

  • We recommend using the Club Importer Validation template to help identify any incomplete and invalid data, ensure you are using the latest Athlete Codes and to automatically copy mobile phone numbers into the home phone field.

  • If you are to perform a straight import of this file into the Club Importer, please ensure you have no commas in the data by selecting Ctrl+F>Replace tab> replace all commas with spaces.  Otherwise you will have issues with importing data for these records.

Need more help? Contact support.