Gymnastics Australia implemented a new Athlete Code solution in June 2018.  The new athlete code solution:

  • Automatically supersedes Athlete Codes once it is recorded that an Athlete has attained a higher level for their Gymsport as per the Athlete Code rules.
  • Clearly shows decommissioned or incorrectly entered codes which are not currently recognized by the latest Athlete Coding Guide so Clubs can easily identify and fix bad data.
  • Keeps an audit trail over any changes to an athlete’s Athlete Codes including by action, user and date.
  • Provides an easier way for system administrators to manage new and decommissioned Athlete Codes
  • Provides Gymnastics in Australia with a much easier way to report on, monitor and configure integrations with athlete codes.

What has changed?
Basically in the National Gymnastics database, an Athlete’s athlete codes are moving from being stored in the Activity Table to a new Gymsport table.  

It is important to note, athletes have only been moved into this table who have been registered as current athletes from 2015 to 2018.

Please note we are not deleting any existing athlete code data in the Activity table and it will be able to be seen via a Legacy tab.  However it is important to note that all athlete code information in the Activity table (Legacy tab) will no longer be recognised in the annual statistics, reports or competition registrations.

How to I use this new Athlete Code Solution?
Please download a copy of the presentation below for instructions and more information on using the new Athlete Code Solution.


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