The Club Importer tool has been implemented so that all clubs around Australia regardless of the software they use (or not) to manage their class bookings have an improved experience of importing their current athletes and their athlete codes in bulk into the National Gymnastics Database.

Features of the new Club Importer tool:

  • Ability to import a large number of athletes at one time without having to batch imports.
  • Club Administrators are able to review, know records which will not be imported, correct issues and update athlete details prior to an import being written to the database.
  • No longer have to wait for an onscreen upload – imports are queued to improve CRM performance.
  • All Club Administrators in a Club are notified of a Club Import’s progress via email notifications and a Club Import dashboard.
  • The import can be worked on by any club administrator in a Club and doesn’t require to be completed in one session.
  • There is a log of records available via new reports in Club Admin Home> Reports which show what has been successfully uploaded and what has not been which can be worked through at any time.
  • New report which can be used to export your Club’s athletes from the Club Admin Portal with the correct club import format (Club Admin Portal> Reports> R. Club Importer Export).

 What has changed from the old system?

  • Updated club import headers and requirements – more information can be found here.
  • New Validation template – more information can be found here.
  • CSV file required to import (previously excel)
  • NO COMMAs – if you have a comma in any fields these must be removed as we have moved to CSV (Comma delimited files). Commas are used to separate fields and will result in any records not importing correctly and requiring to be fixed. More information on how you can do this in bulk in excel.
  • No need to batch imports – put all your athletes in one file.
  • All Athletes now require at least 1 Athlete Code every import.
  • Athletes can have up to 3 different Athlete Codes per import.
  • Incomplete and/or incorrect Athlete Codes will not be imported and will be required to be fixed before data is written into the database.
  • All phone number fields require 10 digits only (the system will remove special characters and spaces)
    eg. Landline 0386989718 or Mobile 0411222333
  • No need to trim leading/trailing spaces in fields as this is automatically done by the system
  • The following fields are no longer required:
    • State Association (this gets automatically updated as per the Club’s state association)
    • Fax
    • Address3
    • Date Achieved (this field will be phased out as we assume every time a new athlete code is registered is when it was achieved)
    • Paid Thru (automatically updated to the year the file was updated in)

How does the Club Importer Wizard flag entries in each stage?

The import wizard uses the following matrix as a guide to flag entries during each stage of the process. For example, an account that requires a transfer is flagged because the importer has matched a line on the import file with an existing account that has the same First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and additionally exists already in another club.

Please download and view the attached presentation for an in-depth look at the new system with common questions answered & troubleshooting resources.

Still need help after viewing the presentation? Raise a support ticket.

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