These are report requirements for Gymnastics in Australia New Club Importer to be used from it's release from 31 January 2019.

These requirements can be passed onto any Club Class Management software in order for them to build reports which allow you to easily import athletes from our system.

Please note that you can use the 2019 New Importer Club Import file headers file to ensure you are using the correct headers to be able to import data into the Validation template or directly into the Club Importer successfully.  

If you upload your file directly into the club importer please ensure the following to ensure you have a successful upload:

  • The file has been saved as a Comma Delimited CSV (*.csv) file type.
  • The headers have not been altered.
  • The commas have been removed from the file more info
  • There are no special characters in any field.
  • The birthdates are not in the future and are valid dates in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • The phone numbers have 10 digits.  We recommend adding a space in the phone number to ensure that the zeros at the front do not get dropped off. More info
  • You have met the data standards detailed on the attached word document below (2019 New Importer Tool Report requirements 5.0) and in the Club Administration Policy to ensure to ensure that the athletes in your Club are eligible to access any membership benefits provided such as personal accident insurance.

However please ensure you check the requirements document to ensure you are using the correct format/information.

If you require any further assistance, please lodge a support request so we can assist. 

Current files:

  • 2019 New Importer Tool Report requirements 5.0 (3 April 2021)
  • 2019 New Importer Club Import file headers 3.0 (29 Jan 2019) - please note this file needs to be converted to CSV (Comma Delimited) (*csv) format.

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