How to gain updating points?

    There are numerous ways in which a Technical Member can achieve updating points. A full list of the various ways you can accumulate can be found in the Updating Policy, however, here is a summarised list for your benefit;

    • Accreditation Courses
      • All Coach & Judge Accreditation Courses have associated updating points


    • FLEX - Professional Development and Updating (Online)
      • There are a range of free online course with FLEX that have associated updating points


    • FLEX - Document Uploads for Updating Points
      • There are a range of Gymnastics Australia approved third party courses that are linked to updating points.
      • Courses completed via Play By The Rules, Scope Australia, Sport Integrity Australia, Special Olympics Australia (to name a few) can all attract updating points

    • Professional Development conducted outside of the FLEX system
      • If your PD certificate of completion has been conducted by a third party and is not listed in our FLEX - Document Uploads for Updating Points category, please forward it to your State/Territory Body for review and assessment.


    • Club Workshops
      • Technical Members can gain updating points by attending club-delivered workshops
      • Important Please ensure that the club has had the workshop sanctioned by the State/Territory Body prior to it being delivered. The club will then be responsible for submitting a participants list to the State / Territory Body to have points applied


    • State/Territory Body Workshops
      • Technical Members can gain updating points by attending State/Territory delivered workshops
      • Important Enquiries regarding missing points from workshops conducted by State/Territory Bodies are to be forwarded to your State/Territory Body


    • Events
      • Technical Members can gain updating points when attending events in the capacity of a coach, judge or event support.
      • Important Events must be sanctioned by GA or State/Territory Bodies prior to the event commencing.
      • GA hosted events - Gymnastics Australia is responsible for applying updating points.
      • State/Territory hosted events - State and Territory Bodies are responsible for applying updating points
        • ​​​​​​​Missing updating points enquiries associated with State and Territory events are to be submitted to the relevant STA body.
      • Club Level hosted events
        • ​​​​​​​Initial enquires regarding missing points from Club Level events must be submitted to the club in the first instance.
        • Please ensure your details were provided to your State Body from the host club
        • If so, then please reach out to your State / Territory Body


    Further Information
    More information on Updating can be found in the Updating Policy on the Gymnastics Australia website.
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