It has been over two years since my membership expiry date....
If you have not renewed your membership within two years of your expiry date, you will be required to undertake a current competency assessment to have your accreditation recognised and your membership renewed.
Coaching - Advanced, Intermediate
Please contact your State/Territory Association to commence this process.
Coaching - Advanced Silver, High Performance
Please contact Gymnastics Australia to commence this process.
Please contact Gymnastics Australia to commence this process.
It has been under two years since my last membership expiry date....
Good news, there is no need to sit a current competency assessment.
You will be able to renew your membership ensuring you have met the required number of updating points to renew and you have completed any mandatory child safeguarding course/s.
Please be aware that current child safeguarding course take 24hrs to process on your profile - renewing your membership may not be possible to action during this time.
More information can be found in the Updating Policy found at our By-Laws, Policies and Technical Regulations web page.
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