It is important for Technical Members to have current relationships set up for the Clubs they are currently working at for the following reasons:

  • To have an accurate record in the Coach & Judge Register.
  • To be seen by the Club in the Learning Management System (Flex)
  • To be affiliated to the club for insurance.
  • Working with Children Checks or equivalent continuous monitoring for any Club you work at by Oho
  • For sporting schools contacts to be up to date in the Club Finder
  • To be able to be found on the Events/Competition entry forms in EntryBoss.

In the Relationships tab of the Technical Member Portal, Tech members can:

  • View Clubs they currently have a relationship with
  • View Clubs they previously had a relationship with
  • Request Clubs to make relationship changes
  • View a log of relationship change requests

To request Clubs to make relationship changes please:

  • Go to the search under the header ‘Request Relationship Changes’
  • Add the Club ID (How to get a Club ID) to the Club ID field.  This will need to be a current^ club you have a relationship with.
  • Make a selection using the drop down list for Relationship Type Requested.  More info on relationship types.
  • Make a selection using the drop down list for Action Required.  Please select Add to request to be added to a Club and please select Remove to request to be removed from a Club.
  • Click on the button ‘Send Request to Club’
  • This will trigger an email to be sent to the Club to request your changes.
  • The Club can make these changes by following these instructions.
  • You can see a log of relationship change requests under the header ‘Clubs I have requested for a relationship’.  Please contact the Club directly for any unactioned requests.

^For historical changes with previous clubs, please contact us.

Need more help?  Please contact us.

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