Step 1: Install Google Chrome

We highly recommend using Google Chrome as your internet browser when using Flex. To download Google Chrome, please click here

Step 2: Login to your Gymnastics Australia account

1. Go to the Gymnastics Australia website by visiting
2. In the top right hand corner of the corner, click Sign In.
3. Sign in using your Technical Member ID as your username and your Gymnastics Australia password. 
4. This will open your Technical member profile
5. Ensure your membership expiry date is within one month of its expiry date and not expired for over 2 years.

6.Ensure you have attained the required number of updating points to renew
7. Ensure you have completed the mandatory integrity course (upon completing, please allow 24hrs for this course to be processed in our system prior to renewing)
8. If you are eligible to renew your membership , you will be able to see a ‘Renew’ tab* on your Technical Membership portal.
9. Please take the time to carefully read the details displayed on the screen, including the Technical Member Obligations, Member Protection Declaration, Making a Disclosure, Privacy Declaration and Cancellation / Refund Policy. Prior to being able to renew you must agree to each of these terms and conditions of membership prior to being able to renew your Technical Membership.
10. Hit the submit button and the Renew Now* button.
11. A Summary of your renewal fees will be shown here. Scroll down and please enter your payment details as shown below, and click “Submit Order”

*if you have met all the conditions to renew, and you have any issues with seeing the renew button, please try logging out and refreshing your internet browser's cookies and cache, or alternatively renew using a different internet browser.  If the issue, persists please lodge a support ticket.
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