The Spotting Log Book is an Assessment Task in two online courses: 

  1. Online Advanced Coaching Principles Course
  2. Online Participation Module
To successfully complete the task, a coach must learn to spot (support) the progressions
for a  selected group of skills relevant to the gymsport. Once the coach can competently
spot the skill progressions, their mentor signs the skill off in the Spotting Log Book.
Mentor requirements
The Spotting Log Book mentor should hold an Advanced Coach Accreditation or higher,
and this must be in a gymsport that's relevant to the skills in the selected Spotting Log Book.
A Spotting Logbook mentor does not have to have completed the Online Supervisors course.
The Spotting Log Book - Advanced Tumbling and Spring Module 1 can be signed off by a
mentor coach with an Advanced or higher-level accreditation in MAG/WAG/ACR/TUM/GfA.
For more information, download the Assessment Task Guide.
Download the Spotting Log Book
If you are intending on completing your Advanced Coach Accreditation in ACR, MAG, TRP,
TUM or WAG, there are two Spotting Log Books for you to complete. Complete the first
Module 1 Spotting Log Book before you register for Module 1 / the Advanced Tumbling
and Spring Face to Face Course. Complete the second Spotting Log Book before you
register for the Advanced Module 2-4 Face to Face Course.

AER and RG have just one Spotting Log Book to complete.

The diagram reflects only the spotting log book/s you need to complete prior to the
Face to Face Courses and doesn't include the additional coursework.  
ACR, GFA, MAG, TUM, WAG Module 1 Spotting Log Book                                             
ACR, GFA, MAG, TUM, WAG Module 1           ACR Module 2-4 Spotting                   AER Spotting                          MAG Module 2-4 Spotting 
                      Spotting Log Book                                     Log Book                                       Log Book                                         Log Book                                           
                    Download                                                      Download                                         Download                                    Download
            RG Spotting                                TRP Module 1 Spotting                                 TRP Module 2-4 Spotting                 TUM Module 2 Spotting 
              Log Book                                                 Log Book                                                         Log Book                                              Log Book
               Download                                             Download                                                        Download                                              Download
   WAG Module 2-4 Spotting 
             Log Book
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