Education Coupon Discounts

As a benefit of affiliation with GA, clubs receive discounted access to coach education courses, providing either a 20%, 30% or 100% discount off the theory component of either an Intermediate or Advanced course, or a dollar discount off the Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching course.

The number of coupons each club is entitled to, and the discount rate are calculated based on the previous year’s registration numbers at your club.

Please note: These coupons are valid for Gymnastics Australia online courses only, and are not valid for Judging courses, the practical component of a coaching course, or the Module 1 component of an Advanced coaching course.

If you are a coach who is interested in undertaking a course, please consult with your head coach/club administrator regarding availability of club discount coupons.

For club administrators to request a coupon, please follow these instructions:
  1. Login to your profile on the GA website
  2. Click the ‘Club Admin Portal’ box
  3. When the page loads, click the ‘Club Info’ tab
  4. At the top of the page, there will be a blue box with details on the number of coupons your club can request and the percentage discount attached to each coupon (The Fundamental Gymnastics Coach discount provides a dollar discount)
  5. Click the ‘Click here to claim your discount coupon’ hyperlink which will take you to the JotForm to request a coupon
  6. When the JotForm has been submitted, our Club Support team will action the request accordingly

For clubs entitled to multiple coupon requests, please submit a new form for each separate coupon request.