The Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching Activity Pack is to be submitted for review as part of the Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching accreditation course. 

Important information to note:

  • Prior to uploading, please ensure the details of the Club Coach Educator (CCE) is listed as requested on page 5 (this is the person who mentored you through this activity pack).
  • It is strongly recommended that the workbook is submitted as a *.pdf file.


To submit your Workbook, please follow the steps below. 

1. Log into the LMS

2. Click My Training in the left hand menu bar

3. Locate Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching – Online Course, Workbook and Activity and select view

4. Locate Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching Workbook & Activity Pack and select review

5. Click Take Assessment

6. A pop-up will open in a new window; select Upload. You can then select the file from your computer and upload the document.

    Please note - you can only upload one document. If your workbook is in multiple files, you will need to combine them into one file.

7. When the file has finished uploading, make sure to click Submit.

8. Your submission will be sent for review, and you will receive an email when it has been marked as proficient.


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