Affiliation with your State Association and Gymnastics Australia for the year commencing 1 January 2024 is conditional upon compliance with the 2024 Club Member Terms & Conditions

In 2024, there is a new requirement for Clubs to electronically sign (via Docusign) the 2024 Club Member Terms & Conditions before your Club's affiliation is approved by your State/Territory Member Association.

The process to get your 2024 Club Member Terms & Conditions electronically signed:
  1. Submit your Club's 2024 Club Affiliation form to your State/Territory Member Association for approval.
  2. The authorised representative from your Club who submitted your Club's 2024 Club Affiliation form will be emailed a request to electronically sign (via Docusign) the 2024 Club Member Terms & Conditions within 2 business days following submission.
  3. To electronically sign and submit the 2024 Club Member Terms & Conditions please follow this process.
  4. Your Club's electronic signature and submission will be successful if a message appears stating that you have completed your document. You will also receive an email advising the document has been successfully signed and submitted, the email will have a PDF copy of the document attached for you to download.
  5. Once your Club has achieved all your local State/Territory Member Association requirements for Club Affiliation (such as but not limited to an approved club affiliation form, payment and electronically signed 2024 Club Member Terms and Conditions), your Club's affiliation will be approved.
If you have any issues or queries, please contact us.