Please use these instructions to pay for your technical membership in Member Portal. 

To meet the criteria for renewing, you must:

  • One month before technical membership expiry
  • Not let your technical membership expire for over two years
  • Obtained the minimum number of updating points for your level
  • Completed the current Integrity compliance course
    High level process flow
    Basic Navigation
     1. Navigate to Member PortalYou will be taken to a sign in page
    • Enter Email Address
    • Enter Password
    • Click Sign In
    • Once you have signed in, Member Portal and Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    2. Click Membership Renewal under Coaches and Judges

    3. Click Pay Now under renew membership

    4. Click Download to verify Total Payable amount
    Your Tax Invoice, covers the total breakdown of the due amount

    5. Click Pay Now

    6. If you have a Promotion Code, enter the detail and click Apply
      7. To procced for payment, enter
      • Name on Card
      • Card Number
      • Expiry Date of the Credit Card
      • CVC Number
      *Please note we are now passing on a 1.75% + 30c surcharge on all payments.  Need help?  Please Contact Us

      8. Click Submit Credit Card to procced with the payment

      9. Once payment is successful, your request gets submitted. New prompt will appear with below details.

      Thank you! Your request has been processed. Your request has been processed.
      To access an invoice for this transaction, please go to the transactions area and search for Invoice number INV-01677-XXXXX

      If you require additional information relating to this payment, please contact us.

      10. Click My Transaction under My Account to access the Tax Invoice

      11. Click Download with the reference Invoice INV-01676-HBS7B

      Your Tax Invoice, covers the total breakdown of the paid amount

      12. Click My Updating Point under Coaches and Judges

      Notice, your total points have been changed.

      Need help accessing your account? Please contact us