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There has been a change on this page since we upgraded and users are experiencing an issue when trying to register individual athletes. This was not supposed to occur and wasn't found during our testing.

The technical team are investigating at the moment and we should have it resolved soon.

We have found that if you enter the Home Phone, DOB and Gender, click SAVE, then add the Gymsport - this is the best process at the moment.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Club Import Tool
Posted by Suimai Hare on 01 June 2016 12:02 PM

To assist with using the Club Import Tool we have put together a short 'How to use the Club Import' video. The video can be found by going to this link.

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iClassPro users
Posted by Suimai Hare on 20 May 2016 11:30 AM

For iClassPro users we have put together a guide of tips and tricks for exporting and formatting data ready for the GOL import. It assists with converting dates to the required format dd/mm/yyyy and identifying New vs Existing members. For detailed information please go to this link for more detail.


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GOL Club Administration Portal - Change Release Notes
Posted by Rachel Piastri on 11 February 2016 07:29 PM

Change Release Notes – GOL Club Admin Portal

Changes released 11/02/2016

Please find below a summary of the changes released.

Please download an updated user guide with full details - CLICK HERE 


  1. New Athlete Creation and Athlete Update – at least one phone number is mandatory.
  • New Athlete Creation
    • This is indicated as Home Phone on the second Athlete details screen and is a mandatory field.
  • If editing an existing Athlete
    • Home, Work and Mobile are all listed on the Personal Information tab, with Home as the mandatory number
    • On the second Athlete details screen, the Home Phone field is replicated and remains a mandatory field.
  • In the Club Import, there are three phone options, Home, Work and Mobile. You must complete at least one of these fields to successfully import athletes, whether they are new or renewing athletes.


  1. Club Import/Export
  • Gymsport and Level are mandatory fields for new athletes. Please refer to the Athlete Coding Guide for assistance if required. If you do not enter a Date Achieved, the import date will be used.
  • Updated Gymsport and Level details can be entered into the Import spreadsheet for existing Athletes, to correctly import, the Date Achieved must also be entered.
  • Gymsport and Level details are updated into the main database as part of an overnight procedure, therefore you will not be able to see additions or changes to these against any records until the next day. The Current Year Club Export file, will indicate any Gymsport or Levels you have added that day as a temporary display, however this will be removed overnight once the update process is complete.


  1. Individual Athlete Renewal
  • Through the Club List tab, you can now find an athlete from your club listing and renew them individually.
  • Once you search and find your athlete, click on their name, you will now see three tabs display, the Athlete Renewal Tab has now been activated to enable renewal on single athletes.
  • As per the onscreen text, we encourage administrators to review the personal and athlete details as part of a single renewal process to ensure information is kept current and up to date.


  1. Reports Tab - NEW
  • Quickly check your registered athlete total for the current year.
  • Download your data as needed:
    • Current Year Athletes
    • Previous Year Athletes
    • Current Year Multi-Club Athletes
    • Previous Year Multi-Club Athletes
    • Technical Members

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Gymnastics Online Upgrade LIVE
Posted by Suimai Hare on 20 January 2016 07:16 PM

Gymnastics Australia Communication 

  • Gymnastics Online Upgrade LIVE 

20 January 2016

 Dear Affiliated Club, 

Live – Gymnastics Online (GOL): 

We are pleased to advise that our new Gymnastics Online portal today has now gone live, as at 6.00pm AEDT, January 20, 2016. 

We have now commenced the process of issuing individual power user login details and sending individual emails to each power user this evening. We expect that all of these will be communicated by 10.00pm this evening. Individual power user emails will include details of how to access the new Club Admin Portal User Guide from the Support Centre. If you have not received this by 9.00 am Thursday please submit a support request 

If you have not yet notified us of your “power user” please CLICK HERE to find out what your club needs to do. 

We appreciate your patience and accommodation of the delay to this release, but hope you will enjoy the new, modern experience, with more features being released over the coming weeks and months.  We appreciate and understand that the time you dedicate to the sport of Gymnastics is incredibly valuable and we acknowledge that delays to this release have impacted you.  

Keep an eye on our new Support Centre for updates and additional information.  If you need assistance or notice anything that doesn’t look right, please don’t hesitate to submit a support request, and one of the team will be back in touch shortly. 

Once again, we want to assure you that that Insurance is in place for any 2016 athlete registrations you are currently taking and recording during this transition period. 

New Club Websites: 

All Clubs currently using a club website provided by GA are in the process of being transitioned to our new Club website platform, powered by InteractSport. 

New websites already populated with your existing content have begun to be released to Clubs for review. The dedication of resources to Gymnastics Online has slowed this release process slightly and we thank you for your patience.

Please contact me by email, if you have any questions. 


Rachel Piastri

Technology Project Manager

Gymnastics Australia

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