Club Coach Educator - Community of Practice 


As a part of the Club Coach Educator course - you will have been asked to create a profile to access a range of resources via the Community of Practice platform.

This page has been designed to assist those who have completed the CCE course looking to gain access to a range of resources to support the mentoring of coaches through the Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching course.

How do I create a profile to access these resources?

The creation of an account to access the Community of Practice can only be accessed via the Club Coach Educator course.

I have created a profile, but cannot remember the link to access the Community of Practice.

Please visit


Community of Practice - What is accessible?

General Q&A

A place to ask questions of the community. Click on NEW POST to post your question to the community.

Online Course

This area opens the opportunity to share in conversations about the course covering general feedback, assessing trainee coaches, managing behaviours, creating psychological safety and creating a great climate.

Live Chat

Jump online and have a chat with other CCEs who are currently online. Alternatively, join the conversation, start a conversation or ask a question and come back to the feed later.


This area provides CCEs with access to the following resources, to name a few:

  • Review the ASC Community Coach - Essential Skills online course. 
  • Review the Fundamental Gymnastics Coach online course.
  • Download your copy of the two OTJ training guides:
    • Fundamental Gymnastics Coach Workbook
    • Club Coach Educator Handbook
  • CCE step by Step Check List to schedule, prepare and plan the delivery of the On-The-Job (OTJ) training for trainee coaches
  • Psychological safety resources
  • SIA Child Safe Practices - Do's and Don'ts
  • CCE Question bank