Steps to ensure your iClass Pro Gymnastics Australia report imports successfully into the Club Importer

iClass Pro have developed a new Gymnastics Australia report to help Clubs import data from their  system into the new Club Importer.

However, this report currently has:

  • Header rows which are not compliant to import
  • Footer rows which are not compliant to import
  • Headers which are incorrect
  • Doesn't register athlete codes

We are currently working with iClass Pro to get these resolved (apart from the Athlete Codes registration which will need to be done outside of your iclass pro system eg. after you have extracted the report).

In the meantime, here are some simple steps to follow to ensure your Gymnastics Australia report extract from iClass Pro can be used with the Club Importer:

  1. Delete the first 4 rows.
    • eg. delete this
    • to look like this
  2. Delete any blank merged rows at the bottom of the report (this may contain a date)
  3. Change Header in column R to 'Gymsport1'
  4. Change Header in Column S to 'Level1'
  5. Ensure all athletes have an athlete code in Column R and Column S (ensure you use the code not the description eg. GFA 0).   More information about Athlete Codes.
  6. If the zeros have dropped from the front of the phone numbers - follow these instructions
  7. Ensure your file is saved as a Comma Delimited (CSV) *.csv
  8. We recommend you don't open the CSV file again before importing the file, as the zeros will be dropped from start of the phone numbers.

If you require any further assistance, please contact us.