A Club Coach Educator (CCE) plays a critical role in the development and growth of Fundamental Gymnastics level coaches.

The role of a CCE starts with understanding the philosophy and materials associated with fundamental gymnastics coaching course, including;
  • Use GA resources and templates to create training plans
  • Deliver OTJ training modules as discussion sessions
  • Set activities for trainee coaches to complete
  • Host recurring weekly debrief sessions with trainees – reflection, goal setting, accountability, intrinsic motivation
  • Observe trainee coaches coaching
  • Determine readiness
  • Join our Community of Practice space to chat with other Club Coach Educators
Mandatory & Suggested Pre-requisites
  • Mandatory
    • Current Financial Technical Member
    • Minimum 18 years of age
    • Minimum accreditation level: Intermediate Coach (in any gymsport)
  • Suggested
    • Minimum 5 years of coaching experience
    • Supervisor certified
    • Exemplifies the standards the club wishes to uphold
    • Advocate for participant centred coaching
Why do I need to do this course?
The CCE course is a course that builds on previous learnings in the current Supervises course – an opportunity to upskill from an older course to a new modern course. For those that have done the Supervisors course, this course should be relatively easy to complete
Importantly, our practices needed to be reviewed, especially in the area of Athlete centred coaching approach and we hope that the CCE course addresses this.
The CCE course provides participants access our Community of Practice to network and to share explore new ideas in coaching. From an educational course perspective, this is a first for Gymnastics Australia and we will continue to utilise the Circles platform to assist build networking opportunities for coaches and mentors.
Probably the most important aspect of the course, it provides an insight into the Fundamental Gymnastics Coaching course, access to a range of resources in this space and we hope that it builds you mentoring skills to further support your junior coaches.

Your next steps to become a a Coach Course Educator.....
Step 1. Application process
Prior to undertaking the Club Coach Educator course, applicants will require to complete an application to be approved to commence the course. 

The application can be found here. You will be notified of the outcome of your application via email within 5 business days of submission

Step 2. Enrol in Club Coach Educator - CCE Accreditation
Once your application has been approved, you will be permitted to enrol into the course. 
1. Access the Training Library by clicking the Bookshelf icon on the left-hand menu bar.

2. Locate the Club Coach Educator - CCE Accreditation course category and click View Courses.

3. Locate the Club Coach Educator - CCE Accreditation course and click Purchase. You will then be prompted to enter your payment details. Click Process Payment to complete your enrolment. You will be emailed a copy of your receipt.

4. You can access online courses you have just enrolled into through the My Training section of Flex. 
5. Click View under the Club Coach Educator - CCE Accreditation course, and you will be able to see two modules;
  • Club Coach Educator - Online Course
  • Club Coach Educator - Virtual induction Session

6. Click Start or Resume for the part of the course you wish to work through. 

7. Upon completing the CCE - Online Course, you now need to book into a virtual assessment. To do this, head over to the Training Event calendar. You can access this by clicking the Calendar icon on the left-hand menu bar.
The virtual assessment is an online assessment that is conducted over one 3hr session.
If you hold a Presenter and Assessor certification (excluding Trainee), you can gain an exemption from this module. Please contact Gymnastics Australia to apply this exemption to your profile.

8. In the Course search bar, type "Club Coach". Select "Club Coach Educator" from the drop down options. 
9. You will then see a list of all scheduled sessions for that month. Click the arrow > to see the courses in the following month
10. Once you find the session you wish to attend, click Enrol. If a pop up appears, select Enrol again. You are now enrolled in this session. 
11. To check which events you are enrolled into, click the My Enrolled Events toggle.
Completing the CCE Course
1. After attending and passing the virtual assessment course, you will be awarded the accreditation. This can take up to three weeks post course date.
2. If you are unsuccessful in passing during the assessment, you will receive instructions on what to do next.
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