Gymnastics Australia and State/Territory Gymnastics Associations are moving to a new Membership system on 3 July 2024.  As this is a new system, there is a new club importer template and process.

To allow clubs and their class management system providers time to get ready for the changes with the Club Importer Template, these are report requirements for Gymnastics in Australia Club Importer to be used from its release from 3 July 2024.

These requirements can be passed onto any Club Class Management software in order for them to build reports which allow you to easily import participants into Gymnastics Online system.  There are some useful documents at the bottom of this page which can be downloaded including the updated Club Importer Template.

What has changed compared to the previous importer template?
The following has changed in the 2024 Club Importer template:
  1. Mobile phone is now a mandatory field.  There is an optional phone field for an alternative phone number of any type.
  2. Ability to enter more than one email address per participant.
  3. There is now a column per Gymsport.  The Levels are displayed in a dropdown and no longer require a code.  For more information, please refer to 2024 Athlete Coding Guide Release 2
  4. Parent/Guardian fields (Parent Guardian First Name, Parent Guardian Last Name, Parent Guardian Email) are now mandatory as all Gymnastics Clubs have agreed to provide this information under the National Integrity Framework.  For adults (over 18s), this will the participant’s emergency contact.  These headers will be relabelled in a future release.

How can I ensure a successful upload?
To you upload your file directly into the club importer please ensure the following to ensure you have a successful upload:
  1. The file is an xlsx format (Microsoft Excel)
  2. The headers have not been altered
  3. There are no special characters in any field. This includes removing names in brackets.
  4. The birthdates are not in the future and are valid dates in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  5. You have completed all mandatory information
  6. Every participant has at least one program registered and you are using the correct format for the levels (see 2024 Athlete Coding Guide Release 2 for more information).
  7. We recommend adding a space to all phone numbers to ensure that that the zeros at the front of the numbers do not drop off in excel.  More info.
  8. There is no hidden data in the rows below and to the right of the table with the data.  Here is how you can resolve.

How can my Club get ready for the new Club Importer Template?
Gymnastics Australia recommends that all Gymnastics Clubs in Australia action the following to get ready for the new Club Importer template and process coming soon in early July 2024:
  1. Contact your Club’s Class Management System Provider which manages participant registrations to request an updated report which matches the new report requirements listed in this document.
  2. Review your parent/guardian/emergency contacts for participants at your Club to ensure completeness of this information.
  3. Review phone numbers collected at your Club as Mobile phones will now be a mandatory field.
  4. Get any large club imports done before the system has an outage in mid June 2024.

How can my Club or their Class Management System Provider get help with these changes?
Please contact us for any assistance with the 2024 Club Importer Template changes.


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